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Wisdom Tooth Removal

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the large molars at the back of the mouth that usually emerge between the ages of 17 to 24 years. Wisdom teeth can emerge with little to no fuss at all for some people, but for others, they may grow in the wrong direction due to a lack of space. This crowding can cause the tooth to become ‘impacted’ which may then cause pain, swelling or infection. In these cases the wisdom tooth needs to be removed.

Wendouree Dental will assess your situation individually and tailor your treatment according to your oral health needs. For simple extractions, the procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic. Numbing the area with local anaesthetic blocks the pain completely so the procedure can be done while you’re awake.

For complex cases, you may be referred to an oral surgeon to be treated under general anaesthetic at a hospital. In this instance you will be asleep during the procedure.

Post procedure recovery

Recovery time after a wisdom tooth extraction can take a few days. It’s common to experience swelling and minor pain during this time. Your dentist will prescribe pain medication for this. They will also provide you with post procedure instructions to ensure your mouth heals quickly. We recommend strictly following these instructions to avoid any delay.

If you experience significant pain that you believe may be caused by your wisdom teeth please call our team on 03 5339 3770 to book an appointment.