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If you have a gap or missing tooth/teeth, an implant supported crown or bridge is a popular choice.  While advertising can suggest that these are quick and simple, there is a lot of planning required to reach the 90-95% success rate.  Analysis of the Bite and special 3D x-rays are helpful in planning to place an implant and crown in the correct place, to achieve the optimal success rate.  They can be costly but work very well, unfortunately they will fail in some patients.

Please visit Bio Horizon or  Nobel Biocare to find out more about options available to you.  Sometimes a referral to a specialist will be recommended if a higher level of difficulty is suspected.  Implants can sometimes be placed immediately and the crown be made from the 3D scanning technology.

If you would like more information on dental implants or to book an appointment, please contact the Wendouree Dental team on 03 5339 3770.