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Bad Breath

Bad Breath or Halitosis

Almost everybody has had an experience of someone with bad breath.  One of the unfortunate facts about bad breath is that it is usually impossible for the person suffering from it to know they have it.  It may also be considered socially awkward for a person to tell them that their breath is offensive

Our noses desensitise to odours, making it difficult for one to know they are suffering from halitosis. Common causes of bad breath include the tongue, sinuses, gum disease and discharge from wisdom teeth.

At Wendouree Dental in Ballarat, we have many ways of treating bad breath. Once the cause has been diagnosed, treatment can then be recommended. Please ask if you would like an assessment for bad breath.

If you would like more information on bad breath or to book an appointment, please contact the Wendouree Dental team on 03 5339 3770.