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Anxious Patients

Many patients have anxieties or even phobias about attending the dentist and dental treatment.

Dental Phobias are rare, but can be treated. Please ask for a referral to a suitable medical ancillary or your General Medical Practitioner if you have this problem. Typically, dental anxiety is more common than dental phobia.

Dental Anxiety is relative and also specific. The team at Wendouree Dental will ask you to rate your dental anxiety level when you first visit our clinic. We ask you to rate on a scale of “0” = completely at ease to “10” = terrified. The dentist will talk with you to assess how to make your visits more comfortable.

Dentistry has steadily progressed over the past few decades with significant medical advances in technology. The use of anaesthetic for instance has changed for the better, because in many cases, it can now be eliminated with air abrasion. An air abrasion machine gently blows away decay rather than grinding it out with a drill.

For anxious patients, Wendouree Dental are with you every step of the way. We’ll explain the dental procedure to you in an easy to understand manner. We create a treatment plan together with you to help ease any anxiety you may have towards your treatment.

If you have previous, unpleasant dental experiences, we encourage you to share this with us, so that we can avoid repeating the experience for you. Before a treatment begins, our dentists will always ask you to raise your hand if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort in the dental chair. Our dentists can reassess better techniques for the procedure to reduce the pain and make you as comfortable as possible.

There are sedation and anaesthesia options available to you. Some available options include:

  • Pre-numbing gel before the injection.
  • Low dose, slow techniques that are pain free.
  • Inhalation sedation. This is usually found to be more effective that “Happy Gas”. Please note that it is a requirement that you do not drive for 24 hours after inhalation sedation, even though you will feel fine.
  • Calming and Relaxing techniques.
  • Premedication with Valium.
  • Sleep Dentistry involving a General Anaesthetic. Please note these take a lot of organisation and are not commonly required.
  • Referral for a second opinion to a more appropriate medical or dental provider.


Please note that sometimes there is post-operative pain. Please follow the instructions and avoid overbrushing or “playing with” painful areas. Minor pain killers are usually adequate.

Our dental professionals encourage you to talk through your past dental experiences good or bad. Communicating in this way will allow us to help you break down any misconceptions and alleviate your fear.

For more information on sedation options or to book an appointment, please contact the Wendouree Dental team on 03 5339 3770.