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Wendouree Dental was among some of the first dental practices in Australia to gain QIP Dental Accreditation. Like medicine, this is a strict audit procedure designed to assess and maintain a high standard of dental practice.

For you, the dental patient, not much will change however you may notice more cross checking and paperwork to sign, not just because of Dental Accreditation, but Australian Dentistry has a high standard of excellence. Your safety, while at the dentist, is paramount.


From time to time you may notice online promotions for dental treatments overseas in lower socio-economic holiday-like destinations. This practice strongly recommends against these “dental holidays”. If you have had overseas dentistry, it is recommended you inform the dentist so that the treatment can be assessed. While the work may be satisfactory, potential problems may be avoided. Unfortunately serious problems can be diagnosed before they become painful or apparent to you.


Self-assessment of dental treatments is difficult as most people can only assess comfort and cost; but not potential problems.  The best person for this is your trusted Australian Dentist.


The Infection Control Standards in Australia are very high and Australia has been an early adopted of infection control procedure. The dental authorities in Australia have been quick to adopt excellent recommendations, guidelines and requirements from around the world into practice. The training of the dentist, who can practice in Australia, and Dental Staff is very high. 


Click here to find out more about the QIP Dental Accrediation standards and procedures.