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Our Technology

At Wendouree Dental we use some of the most advanced technology available to dentists in Australia. Read below for more information about the specific technologies available.


Intraoral Imaging:

See your teeth close up on a computer screen. Follow the reasons how and why the dentist recommends the optimal treatment options. Once you understand the signs you will better be able to choose the option best for you.

Digital X-rays:

Digital x-rays have significantly less exposure to radiation as the computer can enhance areas of interest. Even though they are safe we prefer to have you wear the lead apron as well.


This is a laser decay detector. It assists in determining if a filling or fissure seal or a tooth is assessed later or with other instruments. These are very accurate once properly calibrated. The instrument is made by KaVo a trusted German Dental manufacturing company.


This is another laser diagnostic instrument that uses special lasers that shine through the tooth view, decay, cracks, under some fillings by creating a 3D video image on a computer screen. See why optimal treatments are recommended.

Oral ID, Cancer Screening:

This is a new product that can indicate suspicious areas in the mouth that may need further assessment or biopsy. We will recommend this test, and follow ups, if there is a suspicious area noticed by you or us.

Air Abrasion, Micro dentistry:

While this technology is not recent it is still one of the most useful tools I have to provide dental restorations. It allows for decay removal with minimal tooth loss, especially if decays are not left too long. Air Abrasion also assists with bonded restorations and the new filling materials.

Laser dentistry:

Lasers are very useful for many dental treatments. While they have many applications they excel with soft tissue surgery, especially if surgery is indicated on the gums. I have found people heal quicker and have significantly less discomfort after the procedure. Local anaesthetic is usually required.

Trios Digital 3D impressions:

This is the newest of the new 3D technology available. The Trios is a digital scanner that maps the mouth in 3 dimensions and is extremely accurate. It takes the place of many of the accurate impressions we use to take. It can be used for a lot of applications like, Crowns and Bridges, Implant crowns and bridges, Inlays, Sleep Apnoea devices, etc. I am still amazed how this digital technology is able to send the digital Impressions and bite via Wi-Fi directly to the Australian Dental Laboratory for manufacture. (Visit racedental.com.au to see how this Australian dental company beats China on price and quality.)

CEREC Porcelain computer fillings:

These are the original computer generated fillings. They can make Porcelain inlays, Porcelain Onlays and Crowns. The CEREC Vita II Porcelain has a proven history over more than 20 years of success.

Roland Mill:

The Roland DWX-4W Wet Dental Mill is the newest and potentially the most versatile machine to generate a tooth to be bonded. While this has all the usual applications there are new developments with the new materials that have just been developed. Stay tuned…

Snoring, Sleep Apnoea, Somnomed:

Snoring and Sleep Apnoea are common problems that can now be accurately be diagnosed by a Sleep Physician. Sometimes the Sleep Physician will recommend the CPAP machine or a Mandibular Advancement Splint (MAS). Sometimes the MAS is recommended because a patient is not suited for a CPAP. We are able to use the Trios 3D scanner to map the mouth so that the MAS can be made with digital technology by sending the digital Impressions and bite via Wi-Fi. We prefer to use the trusted Somnomed Company in Australia to make these devices.